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As stated in the Faculty’s Research Data Management (RDM) Protocol, supervisors are responsible for managing research data collected by their students and PhD candidates and for instructing them on handling research data.

Data Management Plan

It is highly recommended for PhD candidates to complete a data management plan before starting to work with research data. According to the Faculty’s RDM protocol, PhD candidates must ensure that research data on which their thesis is based are available to the UvA prior to their defence, e.g. by publishing it and/or archiving it in UvA/AUAS Figshare. For more information, please see After the Research below.

PhD candidates are strongly advised to follow the Research Data Management Training for PhD candidates at the beginning of their project. The best moment to follow the training is when there are already concrete plans on what data will be collected but data collection hasn’t started yet.

For BA/MA students, a data management plan is only recommended if the BA/MA project generates or collects data which is going to be archived or published.

Approval of the Ethics Committee

If approval of the Ethics Committee is needed for a BA/MA thesis project or research projects as part of a BA/MA course, the supervisor/teacher needs to submit the project to the Ethics Committee via the RMS portal. Students can assist registering the project, filling in the questionnaires and uploading documents, but the supervisor needs to do the final check and submit the forms. Please consult the website of the Ethics Committee for more details.

PhD candidates can submit applications for Ethics Approval independently