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Research Data Management at AIHR and UvA Figshare

In a society in which digitalization and internet are increasingly producing data, in which open access of the results but also of the underlying data becomes more and more self-evident, and in which the scientific integrity requires more than ever verifiable data, the management of data during and after the research became an intrinsic part of the research process itself. Research data management is becoming increasingly important.

Every researcher wants to find, judge, understand and sometimes reuse data with a minimum of time and effort. To achieve this, it is important to manage the data in a good way:

  • to store them safely and permanently,
  • organize and describe them structured (file structure, file names, version management and metadata / context),
  • (if necessary) share them, quote, publish and finally
  • make available for reuse.

Funders of research projects such as the EU and NWO require a plan for the management of data, sometimes already  in the pre-application.

The UvA provides support to all researchers at UvA by giving them access to a new research data management system for safely storing, controlled sharing and publication of research data: UvA Figshare.

In UvA Figshare you can store your research data safely and still have access: your files are stored on ISO certified servers in Switzerland, and you can access them from any computer with an internet connection. Great advantage of UvA Figshare over other data management systems is that it archives any format. The storage is free for researchers and, in principle, unlimited.

You can allow others to access files you have stored in UvA Figshare. Those others may be UvA colleagues, but also students, colleagues from other institutions within and outside of the Netherlands, partners from business or societal organisations.

Does your funder or your publisher ask you to make your data available to others? Via UvA Figshare you can easily publish your data, embargoed if necessary. Your file is assigned a Digital Object Identifier (DOI), a unique permanent link you can use in articles and presentations.

The UvA guidelines for Research Data Management, established by the Executive Board of the University, require that every research institute creates a research data protocol in accordance with the UvA-wide policy on research data management. You’ll find the RDM protocol of the Faculty of Humanities below.

You’ll find UvA Figshare at

For security reasons so-called two factor authentication is required: you log in with your UvAnetID, and each time confirm your identity with a code you receive on your phone. For that purpose, you connect your phone to your UvAnetID once via

You’ll find more information about what exactly Research Data Management (RDM) is, how the UvA Figshare system can help you in your research and how to use the system on

For questions about RDM, access to the system or advise on practical management of Figshare you can contact the data steward of the Faculty of Humanities, Gea Lindeboom at or the RDM team at the UB at