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Amsterdam Institute for Humanities Research

A broad research institute covering research in all important subdisciplines of the humanities
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17 June 2019
Human language is the most powerful communication system that evolution has produced. Within this system, we can talk about things we can physically see, such as cats and tables, but also about more abstract ...
13 June 2019
KNIR Colloquia are small, exclusive expert meetings, hosted and funded by the Royal Netherlands Institute in Rome. Their purpose is to offer early or mid-career academics from all fields the opportunity to improve ...
13 June 2019
Luca Incurvati and Julian J. Schlöder, attached to the Department of Philosophy and the Institute for Logic, Language and Computation, have won the Sanders Prize in Metaethics 2019 for their paper 'Inferential ...
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Research Schools
The wide range of research covered by the AIHR is organised in five research schools, which together form the Amsterdam Institute for Humanities Research.
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18 - 22Jun 2019
European Summer School in Cultural Studies, University of Copenhagen, 18-22 June 2019
18 - 21Jun 2019
Third biannual RESAW conference, June 18-21, University of Amsterdam. Public Lectures by Fred Turner and Wendy Chun on 19 and 20 June afternoon.
18 Jun 2019 16:00 - 18:00
Alexandra Oanca will give the lecture "'We'll Always Have Paris': Post-colonial Perspectives on the 'Cultures' of European Cultural Diplomacy in the City of Casablanca". The lecture is organised by the Modern History ...