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After the research

When a research project is completed, research data needs to be archived and, if possible, made publicly available. The publication of research data requires anonymisation or, if not possible, pseudonymisation of personal data (see section “Before the research” below). For archiving, controlled sharing and publication of research data the UvA provides UvA/AUAS Figshare. For registration of your articles and other publications the UvA uses Pure (see below).

Archiveren en publiceren van onderzoeksdata
Archiveren en publiceren van onderzoeksdata (for subtitle choice click cc)

UvA/AUAS Figshare

In UvA/AUAS Figshare you can archive your research data safely and still have access: your files are stored on ISO certified servers in Germany, and you can access them from any computer with an internet connection. Advantages of using UvA/AUASFigshare:

  • Any file format can be archived.
  • The storage is free for researchers and, in principle, unlimited.
  • You can allow others to access files you have stored in Figshare. Those others may be UvA colleagues, but also students, colleagues from other institutions within and outside of the Netherlands, partners from business or societal organisations.
  • Via Figshare you can easily publish your data, embargoed if necessary.
  • Your file is assigned a Digital Object Identifier (DOI), a unique permanent link you can use in articles and presentations.

For security reasons the so-called two factor authentication is required: you log in with your UvAnetID, and each time confirm your identity with a code you receive on your phone.

More information on UvA/AUASFigshare


Pure is the system for registering research publications and activities at the University of Amsterdam. Publications registered in Pure will automatically appear on your personal UvA page. Datasets which are published on Figshare will automatically be registered in Pure.

More information on Pure

Leaving the UvA

When you are leaving UvA at the end of your employment or due to retirement, agreements about access and availability of your research data should be made with the university. The responsibility to manage research data stored in Figshare will be handed over to the Data Steward when you are leaving UvA. For research data stored elsewhere individual agreements need to be made.