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PhDs in the Humanities

PhDs in the Humanities

The Faculty of Humanities welcomes all who wish to contribute to our research programmes by writing a dissertation. PhD candidates at our faculty are member of one of the six research schools within the Amsterdam Institute for Humanities Research (AIHR). Therefore, if you want to join our faculty as a PhD candidate, please read the descriptions of the six schools and choose one.

Overview of research schools

We recognise two categories of PhD candidates:

-          PhD candidates employed by the Faculty,

who receive direct funding from the Faculty of Humanities for their PhD project. Sometimes the funding is made available by EU or NWO grants, sometimes the faculty offers PhD positions. All of these are advertised on the UvA vacancies list and/or on the websites of the schools and the AIHR.

UvA vacancies list (in English)

UvA vacancies list (in Dutch)

-          Externally or Self-funded PhD candidates,

who bring their own funding either by having a job on the side, or a stipend, loan or grant from another source. These PhD candidates are entitled to a small research budget, library access, e-mail facilities,  supervision, and they have access to the programmes offered by the research school to which they belong. We do not charge tuition, but the PhD candidate must ensure the support of two supervisors, including one full professor. If you are interested in this option, follow the guidelines that you can find on the page below.

Guidelines for externally or self-funded PhD candidates