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Since a great deal is invested in obtaining valuable research data, good data management is important. But what does that involve? How do you ensure that your data remain accessible and usable in the future, for yourself and others? This introductory workshop will help you get started.

Course description

The workshop centers around the data management plan (DMP): a digital document in which you describe what data you are going to collect during your research project, how you will store and manage the data during the project, and what will happen to the data after the project has finished.

Planning for data management reduces the chances of having to face nasty surprises later in your research. It will save you time, work and money. Moreover, a growing number of research funders make a (succinct) DMP mandatory.

When to take the course?

The best moment for the course is usually during the first year of your PhD. The exact timing depends on your individual situation. To benefit fully from the course, take it before you start working with research data for your project but make sure that you already know to some extend what type of data you are going to use.

Course dates and Registration - open

Course details

Class themes

After attending the workshop, you will

  • understand what research data are and what management of research data involves,
  • have successfully completed a DMP for your research project, and
  • know who to ask for help with any data management issues.


There will be a small pre-assignment which needs to be submitted a week before the course day.


The workshop will be given by Hanna Fricke and Kamran Adeli, our faculty's data stewards.