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Advanced Academic Writing: Follow-Up

Follow-up workshop

The goal of these follow-up workshops is to provide individualized and in-depth writing assistance to PhD candidates in the final year of their PhD programme. We will focus on the challenges that you face in the writing-up stage of your PhD, such as developing your self-editing skills and writing effective and coherent paragraphs, sections and chapters. In these workshops we will further develop and reinforce your advanced academic writing skills.


New dates will be announced in September!


Please sign up for the waiting list if the course is fully booked. We will contact you if a place opens up. Thanks.

Course description

  • Workshop 1: Refresher class: reviewing main themes of Advanced Academic Writing course, e.g. word choice, sentence structure, punctuation and paragraph structure on the basis of an analysis of your own texts.
  • Workshop 2: Text organisation: paragraphs and sections: coherence, transitions, structure/content of particular sections (e.g. introductions/conclusions)
  • Workshop 3: Text organisation: chapters and/or academic articles: overall structure, coherence, transitions between paragraphs/sections
  • Workshop 4: Self-editing skills: reviewing different approaches to self-editing, writing concisely, reviewing grammar, word choice and punctuation, checking tone and style.

The instructor will hold intake meetings with all participants before the first workshop to gain insight into your learning needs and goals. The outline below presents the planned schedule, but it is subject to change in light of your learning goals.


  • The prerequisite for this course is Advanced Academic Writing (AAW), a mandatory writing course for all PhD students. In order to join to workshops, participants need to have successfully completed the AAW course.
  • These workshops are open to PhD students who are in the final year of their programme.


The course will be taught by Lotte Tavecchio. Lotte holds a PhD in English Linguistics and has a special interest in sentence structure, punctuation, matters of style and contrastive linguistics. She works as a lecturer at Amsterdam University College (AUC) and is the owner of b-eloquent (