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Advanced Academic Writing

The Advanced Academic Writing course is designed for PhD students who write their dissertation in English. The course addresses different aspects of the writing process, such as becoming aware of disciplinary requirements, improving text coherence, writing effective sentences, using punctuation effectively, using varied vocabulary and improving the overall style of writing.

Course description


N.B. You should participate in this course about 6 months into your PhD project or longer. If you want to follow it earlier, please discuss this with the teacher.

The course focuses on writing effective, well-structured and coherent academic texts in English. It introduces strategies to improve the overall writing process, such as planning, outlining and becoming aware of disciplinary requirements. Other important course themes include writing effective and varied sentences, using punctuation marks effectively, improving text coherence and working with different techniques to improve the overall style of the text. Because the course participants typically use English as a second language (ESL), the course also pays attention to certain language issues that might arise at the level of vocabulary, sentence structure, punctuation and grammar. Throughout the course, the participants will work towards laying the foundation of one of the chapters of their dissertation (or an academic article/pilot study) and will write a considerable part of this text. They will receive detailed and extensive feedback on their writing from the course instructor, who will also use the participants’ texts as a basis for the course material.


Spring dates

Group B: Tuesdays 13:30 - 16:00
12 April, 19 April, 26 April, 10 May, 17 May, 24 May, 31 May, 7 June

This course will be offered in a hybride mode.

12 April in PCH 5.25
19 April in PCH 5.25
26 April in PCH 5.25
10 May in PCH 5.25
17 May in PCH 5.25
24 May in PCH 5.25
31 May in PCH 5.55 !!
7 June in PCH 5.55 !!

PCH is PC hoofthuis located on Spuistraat 134.

Please sign up for the waiting list if the course is fully booked. We will contact you if a place opens up. Thanks.

P.C. Hoofthuis

Spuistraat 134
1012 VB Amsterdam

Course details

Attendance & assignments

To be able to complete the course successfully, the participants have to attend all classes. They should also submit at least two writing samples for feedback (1000-1200 words & 2500 words).


The course will be taught by Lotte Tavecchio. Lotte holds a PhD in English Linguistics and has a special interest in sentence structure, punctuation, matters of style and contrastive linguistics. She works as a lecturer at Amsterdam University College (AUC) and is the owner of b-eloquent (

  • Class themes
    • Week 1: Introduction to course themes / overview of common mistakes & focus areas
    • Week 2: Strategies to improve the writing process and exploring disciplinary requirements
    • Week 3: Vocabulary: what do you need to know about words to use words effectively and to expand your vocabulary?
    • Week 4: Writing effective sentences: varying your sentence structure
    • Week 5: Effective and varied use of punctuation marks in complex sentences
    • Week 6: Elements of stylishness: improving your style of writing
    • Week 7: Text structure: improving text coherence
    • Week 8: Course conclusion & room for extra theme suggested by participants (e.g. writing abstracts, designing poster presentations, etc.)