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Results: 41 - 60 of 638
Results: 41 - 60 of 638
  • 27 May 2019
    Vidi grant awarded to 3 Humanities researchers

    Chiara de Cesari (European Studies), Helmer Helmers (Dutch Literature/History) and Eva van Lier (Linguistics) have been awarded a Vidi grant by The Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO). With the ...

  • 24 May 2019
    Vidi-subsidie NWO voor 3 geesteswetenschappers

    Chiara de Cesari (Europese studies), Helmer Helmers (Nederlandse letterkunde/Geschiedenis) en Eva van Lier (Taalwetenschap) ontvangen van de Nederlandse Organisatie voor Wetenschappelijk Onderzoek (NWO) een ...

  • 23 May 2019
    UvA appoints third University Professor AI

    The University of Amsterdam (UvA) has appointed Prof. Tobias Blanke as University Professor of Humanities and AI, effective 1 August 2019. Tobias Blanke is the third of four new University Professors at the UvA and ...

  • 14 May 2019
    Ihab Saloul at the EYE Filmmuseum

    Ihab Saloul, Research Co-Director of the Amsterdam School for Heritage, Memory and Material Culture (AHM), gives a film lecture about the exhibition 'A Tale of Hidden Histories' at the EYE Filmmuseum.

  • 8 May 2019
    Mikki Stelder Awarded Marie Curie Global Fellowship

    Mikki Stelder has been awarded a Marie Curie Global Fellowship for the project Maritime Imagination: A Cultural Oceanography of The Netherlands.

  • 2 May 2019
    Alumna Research master Art Studies Li Weixuan genomineerd voor UvA-scriptieprijs 2019

    Weixuan Li is met haar scriptie 'Deciphering the art and market in the Dutch Golden Age: Insights from digital methodologies' genomineerd voor de UvA-scriptieprijs 2019. Uit 23 inzendingen van de Faculteit der ...

  • 24 Apr 2019
    Proefschrift Eva Groen-Reijman bekroond met Dissertatieprijs

    Eva Groen-Reijman heeft een Dissertatieprijs 2019 van de Stichting Praemium Erasmianum gewonnen met haar proefschrift 'Deliberative Political Campaigns: Democracy, Autonomy and Persuasion'. Het is het derde jaar op ...

  • 11 Apr 2019
    Call for Papers: Memory, Word and Image

    The AHM conference 'Memory, Word and Image: W.G. Sebald's Artistic Legacy' invites scholars, artists and other practitioners to present papers, posters or workshops.

  • 10 Apr 2019
    ACES invites Hungarian Philosopher Ágnes Heller

    Join the guest lecture, 'The Future of Europe' by Ágnes Heller on Monday 15th of April from 16:00 till 18:00.

  • 9 Apr 2019
    Material Cultures of Childhood in Second World War Britain

    Routledge published Gabriel Moshenska's new book 'Material Cultures of Childhood in Second World War Britain' in the series Material Culture and Modern Conflict.

  • 9 Apr 2019
    Call for Posters: Thinking and planning the future in heritage management

    ICOMOS University Forum organizes in collaboration with ICOMOS International and ICOMOS Netherlands the workshop 'Thinking and planning the future in heritage management' in Amsterdam on 11-14 June 2019.

  • 8 Apr 2019
    New Publication in 'Heritage and Memory Studies' Series

    AUP published a new publication in the 'Heritage and Memory Studies' series, 'The Politics of Disability in Interwar and Socialist Czechoslowakia. Segregating in the name of the Nation', edited by Victoria Shmidt.

  • 4 Apr 2019
    The spaces of the European far-right

    In a panel discussion, the invited speakers will consider contemporary as well as historical transnational connections between some of the key actors on the European far-right and ‘identitarian’ scene, addressing ...

  • 27 Mar 2019
    Registration open: ARTECHNE International Conference - The Making of Art Expertise

    This conference focuses on the development of a science-based conservation practice and the emergence of art history as a ‘science of art’ (or Kunstwissenschaft) in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries (1850-1950).

  • 20 Mar 2019
    Call for papers: Racial Orders, Racist Borders

    Call for Papers: Sixth Annual ACGS Conference, 17-18 October 2019, University of Amsterdam. Deadline for contributions: 15 May 2019

  • 19 Mar 2019
    Against the Grain: The Ethics, Poetics and Politics of Contrarian Speech

    Symposium at the University of Amsterdam, 5th – 7th June 2019 | Keynote speakers: Sarah Clancy, Jim Hicks, Frank Keizer | Deadline for proposals: 10th April 2019 | Dates: The event will commence in the late afternoon ...

  • 15 Mar 2019
    Workshop Urban communities and urban transformation in the Romanian Principalities

    In the academic year 2018-2019, Alex Drace-Francis, Associate Professor of Modern European Literary and Cultural History, has been appointed Lapedatu Fellow at the New Europe College, Bucharest.

  • 7 Mar 2019
    PhD positions 'The Muslim Individual in Imperial and Soviet Russia'

    Two vacant PhD positions as part of the ERC-funded project MIND: The Muslim Individual in Imperial and Soviet Russia, led by dr Alfrid Bustanov (University of Amsterdam). Applications are now invited from excellent ...

  • 6 Mar 2019
    Unleashing big data of the past: Europe builds a ‘time machine’

    The European Commission has chosen Time Machine as one of six proposals to develop a large-scale research initiative. The European Time Machine project will receive 1 million euros in funding to prepare a detailed ...

  • 28 Feb 2019
    Giulia Frezza to join the ACLC with Marie Curie Fellowship

    Dr Giulia Frezza has been awarded a Marie Skłodowska-Curie Individual Fellowship to conduct research at the ACLC about 'Metaphorical Narratives in Dementia Discourse'.