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Results: 41 - 60 of 780
Results: 41 - 60 of 780
  • Finishing Fellowships awarded to eight PhD candidates
    23 Oct 2020
    Every year the Faculty offers a number of Finishing Fellowships to PhD candidates who have succeeded in writing an advanced draft of their thesis without the support of structural funding. The fellowships aim to ...
  • Small-scale diploma ceremonies for online PhD graduates
    21 Oct 2020
    In a series of small-scale diploma ceremonies over five Saturdays in a row, some 100 PhD graduates, who defended their theses online at the UvA, received their PhD certificates. The ceremonies took place between ...
  • Hooked on Music: test your Eurovision music knowledge
    20 Oct 2020
    What is a hit song made up of? And why are some songs much easier to remember than others? Musicologists Ashley Burgoyne and Henkjan Honing investigated this by using music from the Eurovision Song Contest.
  • ASH Valorisation Prize 2020 awarded to Anne Lot Hoek
    19 Oct 2020
    The ASH Valorisation Prize 2019-2020 is awarded to Anne-Lot Hoek by the ASH Advisory Board.
  • Amsterdam coalition publishes special AI edition in New Scientist
    15 Oct 2020
    To highlight the importance of AI to a broader public, the Amsterdam coalition ‘AI technology for people’ has published a special AI edition in the October issue of the popular science magazine New Scientist. The ...
  • ASH Dissertation Prize 2020 awarded to Josephine van den Bent and Sander Govaerts
    14 Oct 2020
    The ASH dissertation prize 2019-2020 is awarded jointly to Josephine van den Bent and Sander Govaerts by the ASH Advisory Board.
  • Getting Data: Linguistic Data Collection in the Age of Pandemic
    9 Oct 2020
    A new project at the ACLC investigating the effects of the pandemic on linguistic data collection recently launched a new project website.
  • “We are all in this together” – Connectivity and Community in Isolation
    7 Oct 2020
    ASCA Workshop 2021, 23-25 June 2021, (Wed to Fri) | Organizers: Jori Snels and Lok Yee Wong | Keynote speakers: Prof. dr. Lance Bennett, University of Washington; Dr. Alexandra Segerberg, Uppsala University; Prof. ...
  • A Time of Lost Gods Mediumship, Madness, and the Ghost after Mao
    1 Oct 2020
    New book by Emily Ng with California University Press 2020
  • Launching of new project: Preservation of modern photographic works of art in museum collections
    1 Oct 2020
    The Dutch Foundation for the Conservation of Contemporary Art (SBMK), sixteen museums, the University of Amsterdam (UvA) and the Cultural Heritage Agency of The Netherlands (RCE) will join forces in a large-scale ...
  • Natalia Rivera Vera new ACLC PhD representative
    25 Sep 2020
    ACLC is happy to announce that Natalia Rivera Vera is the new ACLC PhD representative. In this role, she represents the ACLC PhD community in the PhD Council Board, the Graduate Study Committee and the ACLC Advisory ...
  • Monique Roelofs appointed Professor of Philosophy of Art and Culture
    23 Sep 2020
    Prof. Monique Roelofs has been appointed Professor of Philosophy of Art and Culture at the Faculty of Humanities of the University of Amsterdam (UvA).
  • Three new ASH members
    22 Sep 2020
    Three researchers at the faculty of Humanities have recently joined the academic staff of ASH. Melvin Wevers joined the UvA from the KNAW Humanities Cluster in August, whereas Nicholas Carr and Maaike Voorhoeve were ...
  • Postdoctoral position 'Radio Archives in Central Europe, 1930-1960'
    17 Sep 2020
    The Amsterdam School for Heritage, Memory and Material Culture invites applications for a Postdoctoral position at the Faculty of Humanities, tenable from 1 January 2021 (2 years, 1 FTE) as part of the NWO-funded ...
  • Algorithms and Inequality: How Camming Sites Work
    16 Sep 2020
    The exact details remain sketchy. All we know is that at some point on 3 April 1996, a young American student by the name of Jennifer Ringley ushered in a new phase in the then nascent Internet revolution. ...
  • UvA drones are now allowed to fly almost anywhere
    16 Sep 2020
    Great news: the UvA recently became certified drone operator. This means that UvA researchers are now allowed to fly drones in areas where they are normally prohibited and that they can use heavier equipment than ...
  • Glass sphere
    Call for Proposals | Research Innovation and Sustainability Fund 2020
    10 Sep 2020
    The UvA Faculty of Humanities offers the Research Innovation and Sustainability (RIS) Fund that aims at supporting staff with research time in their career development and expanding their opportunities to conduct ...
  • Bernard Stiegler study group 
    9 Sep 2020
    The study group will offer participants the opportunity to familiarise themselves with Stiegler’s thought through close readings of a selection of his texts. We will ask ourselves how to ‘care’ for Stiegler’s ideas ...
  • Shut Up and Write that PhD!
    8 Sep 2020
    Esther Hammelburg and Aris Emmanouloudis started weekly Shut Up & Write sessions, and invite other PhD students to join. Every Tuesday morning from 9-12 we shut up and write together
  • Antal van den Bosch appointed professor by special appointment of Language and Artificial Intelligence
    8 Sep 2020
    Prof. A.P.J. van den Bosch (1969) has been appointed professor by special appointment of Language and Artificial Intelligence at the University of Amsterdam’s (UvA) Faculty of Humanities. The special chair was ...