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Results: 21 - 40 of 766
Results: 21 - 40 of 766
  • Eight UvA researchers receive ERC Starting Grants
    3 Sep 2020
    The European Research Council (ERC) has this year awarded Starting Grants to eight UvA researchers. The laureates are: Thijs Bol, Janna Cousijn, Efstratios Gavves, Imke Harbers, Kristine Krause, Sanne Kruikemeier, ...
  • ARTES in the Arctic
    2 Sep 2020
    ARTES obtained an NWO grant of 18.000 Euros for three small conferences on “Sustainability and Geopolitics: Dutch-Russian Cooperation in the Arctic” in cooperation with the Arctic Centre (Groningen University) and St ...
  • Comedy and Crisis: Pieter Langendijk, the Dutch, and the Speculative Bubbles Of 1720
    2 Sep 2020
    Joyce Goggin, Frans De Bruyn | Liverpool University Press, 30 sep. 2020 - 288 pagina's | Comedy and Crisis contains the first ever scholarly English translation of Pieter Langendijk's Quincampoix, or the Wind Traders ...
  • Viktorija Kostadinova awarded U21 Researcher Resilience Fund
    27 Aug 2020
    Viktorija Kostadinova has been awarded the U21 Researcher Resilience Fund for the project 'Linguistic Data Collection in the age of a Pandemic'. Partner Universities are KU Leuven and the University of Edinburgh.
  • Writer Philipp Blom to deliver first State of European Literature lecture
    26 Aug 2020
    On 18 September, the Faculty of Humanities is organising the State of European Literature for the first time, an annual lecture in which a renowned European writer will examine the significance of literature in ...
  • Three Laskaridis Visiting Research Fellows in Modern Greek Studies hosted at the UvA in 2020-2021
    25 Aug 2020
    The Faculty of Humanities will host three visiting researchers in 2020-2021 via the Marilena Laskaridis Visiting Fellowships. The fellowships are sponsored by the Aikaterini Laskaridis Foundation, which is also the ...
  • New interns joined the Amsterdam Wax-Resin Project
    11 Aug 2020
    The Amsterdam Wax-Resin Project welcomes Liz Hébert and Momoko Okuyama, first year students in Master of Conservation and Restoration of Cultural Heritage, specialty paintings at the University of Amsterdam.
  • Lani Freeborn
    New PhD candidate for ACLC
    10 Aug 2020
    The new PhD candidate for the Amsterdam Center for Language and Communication (ACLC) has been announced. Lani Freeborn will soon start her project on foreign language aptitude.
  • One of the victims
    Mass graves provide new evidence of violence against women in Franco's Spain
    7 Aug 2020
    Women suffered gender-specific violence during the Spanish Civil War and Franco's dictatorship, says archaeologist and forensic anthropologist Laura Muñoz-Encinar in a recent publication. The researcher excavated ...
  • Sebastiaan Broere awarded best journal article award
    7 Aug 2020
    The Society for the History of Psychology has awarded Sebastiaan Broere with the Best Journal Article Award for his article “Picturing Ethnopsychology: A Colonial Psychiatrist’s Struggles to Examine Javanese Minds, ...
  • Peyman Jafari awarded Mehrdad Mashayekhi Dissertation Award
    28 Jul 2020
    The Association for Iranian Studies had awarded the Mehrdad Mashayekhi Dissertation Award to Peyman Jafari for his PhD thesis “Oil, Labor and Revolution in Iran; A Social History of Labor in the Iranian Oil Industry, ...
  • Nadica Denic receives a NWO PhD in the Humanities Fellowship
    24 Jul 2020
    The title of her project is: "Cinematic Ethics of Migration: Auto-Ethnographic Migrant Perspectives in Contemporary Documentary". Patricia Pisters and Carolyn Birdsall are the supervisors.
  • Four talented Humanities PhD candidates receive NWO funding
    24 Jul 2020
    Amir Taha (ARTES), Nadica Denić (ASCA), Evgeniia Khristoforova and Harriet Reynolds (both ACLC) have received funding for their doctoral research at the UvA through the NWO programme PhDs in the Humanities. ...
  • Vier talentvolle geesteswetenschappen-promovendi ontvangen NWO-financiering
    24 Jul 2020
    Amir Taha (ARTES), Nadica Denić (ASCA), Evgeniia Khristoforova en Harriet Reynolds (beide ACLC) ontvangen via het NWO-programma Promoties in de geesteswetenschappen financiering voor hun promotieonderzoek aan de UvA. ...
  • European research institutes advocate a more ambitious EU budget
    14 Jul 2020
    More than 800 universities are calling on the European Council to come up with more far-reaching ambitions for European research, innovation and education. The current budget is insufficient, in their view.
  • Digitale erfgoedcollecties beter toegankelijk maken via ‘transfer learning’
    9 Jul 2020
    Giovanni Colavizza (Mediastudies) ontvangt financiering voor zijn out-of-the-box onderzoeksidee voor het inzetten van overdrachtleertechnieken om gedigitaliseerde erfgoedcollecties beter toegankelijk te maken voor ...
  • Digital Infrastructure Grant for Cross-media Research awarded to Julia Noordegraaf
    8 Jul 2020
    Last year, the Dutch council for the Social Sciences and Humanities announced its plans to structurally invest in digital infrastructure for SSH research, as a means to respond to the major challenges of big data, ...
  • Florence Evans, New AHM Funded PhD Candidate
    8 Jul 2020
    It is a great pleasure to announce that the 2020 AHM Funded PhD position has been offered to Florence Evans. Evans holds a Masters in History of Art and Visual Culture from St. Anne’s College at the University of Oxford.
  • Dr. Colin Sterling, New AHM Assistant Professor of Memory and Museums
    8 Jul 2020
    From January 2021, Dr. Colin Sterling will join AHM as an Assistant Professor of Memory and Museums. Sterling is currently an AHRC Research Fellow at UCL Institute of Archaeology. He was previously a Post-Doctoral ...
  • Eight UvA researchers test innovative ideas using Idea Generator funding
    3 Jul 2020
    Eight UvA researchers have had their proposals for out-of-the-box research ideas awarded funding from the Dutch Research Agenda’s Idea Generator programme. The researchers will each receive 50,000 euros to further ...