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The conference ‘The Stage of War’, to be held 26-27 March 2020 at Erasmus University Rotterdam, will focus on academic and popular representations of war and other large-scale conflicts. The Call for Papers for this conference is now opened.

The Stage of War
Photo: Roger Cremers

The unique aim of this conference is to stimulate an exchange between academic and popular approaches to the representation of violent conflicts. How can we learn from each other? To what extent can critical historical thinking be stimulated through popular productions? This two-day conference is comprised of academic lectures, presentations, roundtable discussions, and a battlefield tour in Rotterdam by military history specialists.

Contributors are invited to submit papers on topics as:

  • Diversification of war experiences
  • Embodiment and bodily understanding
  • The commercialization of war heritage
  • Creating immediacy, direct contact with the past
  • Battlefield representations for education, tourism and military training
  • Representing and experiencing authenticity
  • Marginal perspectives / multiperspectivity
  • Commemoration and reenactments

Deadline Call for Papers: 1 October 2019.