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Enoch Aboh, Professor of Learnability, has been appointed as the new director of the ACLC. As of 1 August he will be the successor of Paul Boersma, who was the ACLC director for five years.

Dhr. prof. dr. (Enoch) Aboh, hoogleraar

Enoch O. Aboh has been professor at UvA since 2012. He joined the ACLC in 2000, after graduating at the University of Geneva in 1998. He investigates the learnability of human languages with a special focus on syntax; language creation, and language change. In 2005, he was awarded an NWO Vidi-grant to investigate the interface between Information Structure and Syntax. His empirical focus lies on Niger-Congo, Romance, Germanic, Atlantic creoles, and Sign languages. His main publications include The Emergence of Hybrid Grammars and The Morphosyntax of Head-Complement Sequences, as well as numerous articles in major journals. He has taught at MIT and at Yale as visiting professor. He is a co-founder and faculty of the African Linguistics School (ALS), a unique initiative for a mutually enriching sharing of knowledge between North and South.