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The twentieth International Aegean Conference, titled 'HYDOR: Water Resources and Management in the Aegean Bronze Age', will be held in Amsterdam.
Event details of HYDOR: Water Resources and Management in the Aegean Bronze Age
Start date
11 June 2024
End date
16 June 2024

Water is arguably the most important substance of human life. However, in comparison to other liquids such as oil and wine, it has received relatively little attention in the study of the Aegean Bronze Age. The drainage of Lake Copaïs and the rerouting of a river at Tiryns indicate that knowledge on water engineering was present in Mycenaean society. Likewise, the water system in the Minoan Palace at Knossos indicates an awareness of the importance of hygiene and water provision.

The confrence will focus on different aspects of water and its effects on Aegean Bronze Age societies:

  • Drinking water (storage, transport, vessels etc.)
  • Water provision (wells, springs, piping, drainage etc.)
  • Waterscapes (use of rivers, lakes, lagoons, etc.)
  • Water flora and fauna
  • Water as a threat (tsunamis, and defence works such as dykes and dams)
  • Water in Aegean art and material culture
  • Water transport (boats, ships and harb)

The conference is co-organized by AHM academic staff members Gert Jan van Wijngaarden and Jill Hilditch.