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In this session of the GameLab, we will explore “interactive narratives”. How do such interactive stories build functional narrative structures that give the user both freedom of exploration and a satisfying narrative arc? | Time: Friday, May 26, 2-5pm | Location: E-Lab (BG1, 0.03) | No need to register | Contact: Tomi Pape.
Event details of GameLab on Interactive Narratives
26 May 2023
14:00 -17:00

What are current design trends and solutions for the genre’s challenges? To find some answers to these questions, we’ll be playing Return of the Obra Dinn and one or two Sam Barlow games (Her Story, Telling Lies, Immortality) . The following short reading will guide our discussion:

Rittenhouse, Brad, et al. “Structures of Interaction for Creating Dramatic Agency in Epistemic Narratives: Return of the Obra Dinn and Telling Lies as Design Exemplars.” Entertainment Computing, vol. 44, Jan. 2023, p. 100520. ScienceDirect,

To access a PDF file of the article, click here.

Contact: Toni Pape (