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About AIHR

Joining the AIHR with external funding

The Faculty of Humanities welcomes external researchers planning to come to the UvA with their own research funding.

The AIHR supports present and future researchers at the Faculty of Humanities and is home to a large group of international scholars who have successfully submitted a grant application via the UvA. The main funding bodies are NWO (the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research) and the EU; both have ample opportunities for junior and senior researchers to apply for individual research funding. Prime among these are the Rubicon and Research Incentive Scheme by NWO (the VENI, VIDI and VICI grants) and the Marie Curie and ERC grants (Starting, Consolidator and Advanced) by the EU. 

If you are thinking about writing an application and coming to the UvA, please get in touch with the Grant Team and your future teaching department and research school. You are advised to do so as soon as possible, preferably before you start writing the actual application. They can help you in a number of ways. First, the Grant Team can offer advice on which grant would suit you best and then support you during the writing of the grant application. Second, the department and research school can discuss your plans to ensure the best ‘fit’ for your project at the Faculty. Lastly, your future teaching department and  Faculty’s HRM team can help you explore the possibilities of a future contract at the UvA. This is important because the collective labour agreement applicable to Dutch universities prescribes a fixed salary range depending on your research experience and sets limits on the years you can work for the UvA on the basis of a temporary contract.