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Consortium Fund


The FGw Consortium Fund supports research staff in initiating or consolidating national or international networking activities, with the aim of increasing research collaborations with (inter)national (and non-academic) partners. Ultimately, the fund should pave the way for applications by a consortium, both for EU grants (e.g. Horizon Europe Global Challenges; Marie Curie Doctoral Networks; COST) and in the context of the Dutch National Research Agenda (NWA).

NB: this funding scheme is not intended to support the preparation of personal grants (ERC Starting/Consolidator/Advanced, NWO Veni/Vidi/Vici); please see the FGw RIS Fund.

Closing date

The FGw Consortium Fund operates without formal deadlines. Applicants are free to submit an application at any time during the academic year. We aim to inform applicants of the outcome of their application within a month from the date of submission.

What can be applied for?

1. Network grants

Intended for organising network meetings at the UvA with (inter)national partners, with the aim of strengthening (inter)national collaboration and developing networks with academic (and non-academic) partners. The goal of the meeting is ultimately to submit a grant application for funding for an international research consortium. A maximum of €5000 can be claimed back (for e.g. travel and accommodation expenses of participants and catering costs).

  • At the conclusion of the meeting, a (brief) document should be sent to the IXA grant advisor for research consortia, giving information about the concrete steps the consortium will take towards the submission of a grant application. On the basis of this report the advisor will further advise the consortium in preparing the application.

2. Editing and design costs

Intended for coordinators of proposed consortia, who can claim back the costs of hiring an external editor and/or professional graphic designer to finalise a grant application. 

  • The maximum costs that can be reclaimed are €2500 for a graphic designer and €2500 for an editor (per grant application).

Who can apply?

1. Network grants

  • Applicants are researchers employed by the Faculty of Humanities, UvA.

2. Editing and design costs

  • Applicants are senior researchers at the Faculty of Humanities, UvA, and have a permanent contract or a temporary appointment for the whole duration of the grant application process and the proposed consortium research project.
  • Applicants intend to conduct and coordinate the proposed consortium research project at the Faculty of Humanities, UvA, following the award of the grant.

Application requirements

  • Applications for the Network Grants should be submitted in accordance with the Guidelines for Applications, provided in Annex I below.
  • Costs for editing and design can be claimed back if the applicant has involved the research school, project office and grant advisor in a timely manner: see the Step-by-Step Instructions for Consortium Grant Applications (Annex II below).
  • The envisaged research project must relate to the work of the research school and/or university research priority areas.
  • Applicants may submit only one application per year.

Applications assessment

1. Network Grants

The faculty’s Research Council will consider the applications primarily on the basis of the quality of the applicant, the quality of the consortium, the potential of the project idea, and the feasibility and coherence of the work plan.

2. Editing and design costs

Coordinators for proposed consortia can claim back costs for editing and design by sending an e-mail to

Submitting an application

Applications can be submitted as a single PDF file, attached by e-mail to Sarah Randeraad via


Sarah Randeraad, via