Ethics Committee

Projects involving experiments with human test subjects are becoming more frequent within the faculty. Furthermore, academic journals require more and more the formal approval of experiments by such a committee before articles in question are published. Therefore, experiments with human test subjects must now standardly be approved by the faculty’s Ethics Committee.

Committee members

  • prof. dr. F. Kuiken
    Chair | T: 0205253850
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  • prof. dr. A.E. Baker
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  • prof. dr. B.J. de Kloet | T: 0205252856
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  • dr. T.R.V. Nys | T: 0205254506
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  • dr. M.P. Roncaglia-Denissen
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  • drs. G. Lindeboom
    Secretary | T: 0205253054

Committee meetings

The Ethics Committee of the Faculty Humanities will convene on the following dates:

  • October 14th 2016
  • December 9th 2016
  • February 10th 2017 (deadline for applications February 2nd 2017)
  • April 7th 2017 (deadline for applications March 30th 2017)
  • June 9th 2017 (deadline for applications June 1st 2017


NB: Approval has to be asked before the experiments are executed.

To apply for approval please fill out the checklist. 
Applications - consisting of a checklist, information brochure and an informed consent form - can be sent to the Ethics Committee secretary (

Links to the full text (Dutch or English) of the procedure for obtaining approval by the Ethics Committee of the Faculty of Humanities can be found below.


Ethics Committee secretary - | T: 0205253054
Kloveniersburgwal 48 | 1012 CX Amsterdam – Bushuis | kamer F.1.11B


Published by  Faculty of Humanities

1 February 2017