PhD Council

Many PhD candidates obtain their doctorates at the Faculty of Humanities each year. The PhD council represents all PhD candidates at the Faculty, employees or not, in all matters that affect their interests. Its main task is to advice the research director of Amsterdam Institute for Humanities Research, Professor dr. Thomas Vaessens, and the head of research of the Faculty of Humanities, Dr. Elske Gerritsen.


  • Laura Boerhout (AHM and ACASA)
  • Sanne Berends (ACLC)
  • Argyrios Emmanouloudis (ASCA/External PhDs)
  • Martje aan de Kerk (ASH)
  • Enno Maessen (ARTES)
  • Gert-Jan Munneke (ILLC and OR)
  • Laura Vermeeren (ASCA)


Published by  ASCA

3 November 2016