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The conference Suicide and its Prevention: Contemporary and Historical Perspectives in Nursing, 1880–2020 is organised on behalf of the European Association for the History of Nursing (EAHN), an international scholarly association dedicated to promoting the development and advancement of nursing history and related fields of historical inquiry. Vossius and ASH member Manon Parry, Professor in Medical History, is one of the organizers.

Event details of Suicide and its prevention: Contemporary and Historical perspectives in Nursing 1880 – 2020
Start date 19 May 2022
End date 21 May 2022
Manet - The Suicide
Manet - The Suicide

The conference organizing partners are the Knowledge Centre at the Faculty of Health, University of Applied Sciences in Leiden (dr. Cecile aan de Stegge, University of Applied Sciences Leiden, member of the EAHN) and the Pulse Network in Medical Humanities at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (Prof. dr. Manon Parry, Professor in Medical History, VU University Amsterdam). Supporting partners are: Stichting Zuster Vernède; Vitale Delta; 113 Suicideprevention; GGzVS and V&VN, Netherlands.

All contributing speakers are requested to focus their contribution on the specific role of nurses in general and/or in mental health settings, who have experienced patients expressing suicidal ideation or engaging in self-harming behaviours. These experiences may also include working with bereaved families of patients who have commited suicide. The conference organizers hope that the conference will facilitate professional and academic debate on this challenging topic, through historical inquiry or within contemporary practice, and will result in a number of scholarly publications.


Rijksmuseum Boerhaave, Leiden