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Research Labs

In addition to Research Schools, the Faculty of Humanities also has several Research Labs such as CREATE and 4D Research Lab, in which innovative research is undertaken. In time, the labs will merge to form a comprehensive Humanities Research Lab.


CREATE, which is short for Creative Amsterdam: An E-Humanities Perspective, was established in 2014 and operates from the Department of Media Studies at the UvA. The lab seeks to integrate research on historical cultural industries and digital humanities. Their project looks at how the city of Amsterdam has been shaped by cultural industries from the Golden Age of the seventeenth century up to the present day, with regard to its unique position in a European and global context. CREATE not only collects data from various cultural sectors within Amsterdam, they also link and enrich datasets, and develop new tools for search and analysis purposes. 

In 2017, CREATE initiated their Time Machine project. The project aims to create a digital hub for linked historical data on Amsterdam, with which a time machine will be built that will allow us to walk the streets of historical Amsterdam.

4D Research Lab

Since 2012, UvA researchers occupied with the material past – specifically in the fields of Heritage, Archaeology, Arts, Architecture and Museology – can benefit from the facilities offered by the 4D Research Lab. Though its name is a reference to the fourth dimension which connects it with the temporal concept of 'the past', the lab's mission focuses on 3D technologies. Among others, it seeks to promote the use of 3D technologies in research and assist in the development of methods that use these technologies.

The lab put this mission into practice by providing a wide range of computing facilities, 3D scanners and modeling programmes, by offerring technical expertise, and by assisting in the development of virtual and augmented reality apps that explore the material past. Education forms an important component, too; 4D Research Lab also supervises student projects and teaches 3D recording and modelling techniques.