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Building a career

In and Outside of Academia

It is important to start thinking about your future career in the second year of your PhD project. This course will discuss the various paths in and outside academia and will show you how to be prepared when you graduate.

Course description


Many PhD researchers in the humanities hope to pursue an academic career, while others aim at a career outside of academia. This course provides information about academic and non-academic careers. About their requirements, and about what it takes to prepare for an effective job search. The course consists of four workshops - two about building an academic career and two about career orientation for non-academic jobs.

Class themes

The academic career

  • Workshop 1: the academic job search and how to get the most out of conferences and how to get published

A career outside of academia

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In order to complete this course successfully, you will have work on your own CVs, both academic and non-academic.


Part 1: Hanneke Stuit (University of Amsterdam)

Part 2: TBA