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Academic English

This course is designed to improve the English speaking and writing skills of PhD researchers.

Course description


The course focusses on formality and sensitivity to register in spoken and written discourse at both sentence and text level. Through analysis of students’ work and participating in group discussions, they will develop their summarizing skills concentrating on the role cohesion and coherence plays in delivering presentations. Argumentation and development of ideas will also be explored. Grammatical and vocabulary issues are addressed in relation to the needs of the participants.

Participants are reminded that this course focuses on developing practical language skills, and is therefore interactive. Students will be required to engage in group discussions and collaborative work throughout the course.

Attendance & assignments

To be able to complete the course successfully, the participants have to attend all classes. They should also deliver two presentations and submit and two written assignments, mid and end course.


Academic English Trainer from British Language Training Centre (BLTC)