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PhDs in the Humanities

First-year assessment – Pilot Study

All faculty-funded PhD candidates are expected to hand in a pilot study for evaluation in their first year. The pilot study is evaluated by the supervisors, an external reader and the director of the Research School. The director of the school decides on the basis of the evaluations whether or not funding for the project will be continued. Since the continuation of the PhD project depends on the quality of the pilot study, the timely completion of the pilot study should be the absolute priority for both the PhD candidate and the supervisors in the first year.


The month in which the evaluation will take place is stipulated in the PhD candidate’s employment contract and is usually 5 months before the end of the contract date (normally for PhD candidates with a full time contract in the 7th month of the contract period, for PhD candidates with a part time contract in the 9th month of the contract period).


Each school provides both the supervisors and the PhD candidates with guidelines regarding the pilot study and the first-year assessment at the start of the PhD candidate’s contract period. These guidelines are also available from the respective websites.