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Asli has been teaching at UvA’s Media Studies department since 2017.

She conducted her doctoral research at ASCA into the aesthetic relationship between walking and filming in the city, and defended her dissertation The Image of Walking: The Aesthetics and Politics of Cinematic Pedestrianism in 2018. While revising her manuscript into a book, Asli recently embarked on a new research project that focuses on the precarious moving-image heritage of ethnicised, racialised, and migrant communities. Central to this research is the question of how such precarious (forgotten, smuggled, or uncatalogued) moving-image artefacts can shed light on the silences in (national) film histories. Her project explores Dutch (moving) image heritage in the Late Ottoman Empire as well as Turkish film heritage in the Netherlands. Asli specializes in critical approaches to film historiography, particularly feminist and decolonial interventions. She is an internationally accredited film critic and a regular contributor to film events, magazines, and festivals.