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Bjorn Beijnon received the NWO Doctoral Grant for Teachers which is aimed at allowing teachers to gain research experience in order to improve the quality of education and to strengthen the ties between universities and schools.

Bjorn’s project, Controlling Platform Media Ecologies: The Cultural Logic of Subjectification in Contemporary Surveillance Cultures,  investigates how digital platforms shape users their subjectivity in contemporary surveillance cultures. By focusing on attentional capturing on platforms as a possible technique of digital subjectification, this project analyses what role platforms play in steering users’ subjectivity. Using cultural analysis in building a conceptual framework and media ethnography in examining two case studies, this project evaluates, on the one hand, how the blurring of truth and falsity on big tech platforms shapes subjective realities, while, on the other hand, it examines how resistant practices by users on platforms could also be part of a process of digital subjectification.

Supervisors: Patricia Pisters and Julian Kiverstein.