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A large international group of researchers including Gerard Wiegers, professor of Comparative Religious Studies at the Faculty of Humanities, has received funding for a COST Action.

COST Actions ( support international networks of scientist through funding for meetings, conferences, workshops and dissemination activities. The purpose of the Action “Islamic Legacy: Narratives East, West, South, North of the Mediterranean (1350-1750)” is to provide a transnational and interdisciplinary approach capable of overcoming the segmentation that currently characterizes the study of relations between Christianity and Islam in late medieval and early modern Europe and the Mediterranean: different geographical areas have been analysed in isolation and have been further disjointed in a scientific context defined by the separation of disciplines and chronologies.

The intention of the Action is to mitigate this academic distortion by creating a common space for scientific exchange and reflection. Institutions from 26 different European and Mediterranean countries as well as 59 senior and junior researchers coming from different disciplines are involved. The creation of this network will help to provide a comprehensive understanding of past relations between Christianity and Islam in the European context through the addressing of three main research problems: otherness, migration and borders.

Beyond the strictly academic realm, the Action also aims to revive diversity and Euro-Mediterranean relations in education, at a moment when Europe is at a cultural and political crossroads.

prof. dr. G.A. (Gerard) Wiegers

Faculty of Humanities

Capaciteitsgroep Geschiedenis