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The Faculty of Humanities has awarded grants to fifteen projects from the Cutting Edge Research Fund.


In 2016 the Faculty of Humanities introduced the Cutting Edge Research Fund, intended to support research staff in initiating or further developing international networking activities, with the aim of increasing research collaborations with foreign partners that can lead to joint applications for international funding. The Fund was made available by the Sustainable Humanities Programme (Duurzame Geesteswetenschappen).

Two types of grants can be applied for: 1. Network Grants and 2. Research Fellowships. So far, the following fifteen projects have received support from the Cutting Edge Research Fund.

Network Grant - Initiate

  • Anne van Helmond (ASCA) - App Studies Initiative: An International Network for Advancing Research Into Mobile Apps
  • Joost de Bloois (ASCA)  - International network for the study of biopolitics
  • Julia Noordegraaf (AHM) - Studying Performing Arts Across Borders: Towards a European Performing Arts Dataverse
  • Manon Parry (ASH) - Object-based learning and wellbeing: the cultural value of collections
  • Martin Stokhof  / Tamara Dobler (ILLC) - Wittgenstein’s reception in different traditions

Network Grant - Consolidate

  • Sanneke Stigter (AHM) - Oral History in Conservation | Conservation in Oral History
  • Marleen Rensen (ARTES) - National and Transnational ldentities: Life Writing in and beyond Europe, 1900-present
  • Kristine Johanson (ASH) - Grasping Kairos Research Network
  • Stephan Besser (ASCA) - Worlding the Brain Research Network
  • Laszlo Marácz (ARTES) - Mixed Language Families in Europe (LF-MiX)
  • Patricia Pisters (ASCA) - GeoMedia Research Network
  • Liz Buettner/Peter van Dam (ASH) - Researching (Post)colonial Globalization
  • Luiza Bialasiewicz / Camilo Erlichman (ARTES)  - Mapping the Divergent Histories and Geographies of Social Justice in Europe’s 20th Century
  • Samuel Kruizinga (ASH) - Size matters. Small states in the history of international relations, 1814-present day

Research Fellowship

  • Federica Russo (ILLC) - Medical methodology: humanities and biomedical sciences at the crossroad

Cutting Edge Research Fund | Call for proposals reopened

As of July 2017, the UvA FGw Cutting Edge Research Fund has been reopened. Applications can be submitted continuously until no later than 31 December 2017.