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The symposium ‘The Newspaper in the Golden Age’ is taking place 11 and 12 May in the University Library, Doelenzaal. Thursday 11 May starts at 16:00 with the presentation of Arthur der Weduwens monumental bibliography ‘Dutch and Flemish Newspapers of the Seventeenth Century, 1618-1700’. Friday 12 May is dedicated to the study of rise of newspapers, European news culture and the position of the Low Countries within this field. Speakers are, amongst others, Andrew Pettegree, Michiel van Groesen and Nina Lamal.

Event details of The Newspaper in the Golden Age
Start date 11 May 2017
End date 12 April 2017
Time 15:30
University Library
Room Venue: Doelenzaal, University Library


Thursday 11 May

15:30 entry

16:00 Launch and presentation of Arthur der Weduwen, Dutch and Flemish Newspapers of the Seventeenth Century, 1618-1700 (Leiden: Brill, 2017). Drinks.

Friday 12 May

9:00 Entry and coffee

9:15-10:45 Welcome – Andrew Pettegree

Michiel van Groesen, ‘Newspapers and the Atlantic World in the early modern Low Countries’

Helmer Helmers, The Thirty Years War in the Dutch News

10:45-11:00 Coffee break

11:00-12:30 Arthur der Weduwen, ‘The newspaper in service of the state’

Steven van Impe, ‘Newspapers and pamphlets in the Flemish news world’ [prov.]

12:30-13:30 Lunch

13:30-15:00 Nina Lamal, ‘An Italian newspaper in Vienna. The publication and distrubution of Il corriere ordinario (1671-1700)’

Jan Hillgaertner, ‘Dutch News in the German News Network’

15:00-15:15 Coffee break

15:15-16:15 Andrew Pettegree, ‘The Low Countries newspaper in international perspective’

Closing remarks – Arthur der Weduwen
16:15 Drinks


Entry is free, but reservations are mandatory. Make your reservation at, and please note the dates you will be present.

University Library

Room Venue: Doelenzaal, University Library

Singel 425
1012 WP Amsterdam