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Angeliek van Hout (Associate Professor at the University of Groningen) and María J. Arche (Professor of Linguistics & Spanish at the University of Greenwich) are the guest speakers at this ACLC seminar. They will talk about 'Language Development, Diagnosis and Assessment in School Ages (6-16): Next Steps in Research and Practice'.

Event details of ACLC Seminar | Angeliek van Hout & María Arche - Online
Date 26 November 2021
Time 16:15 -17:30


Language Development, Diagnosis and Assessment in School Ages (6-16): Next Steps in Research and Practice


In this talk we will present a review of the topics and outcomes from a Lorentz workshop with the same title that we organized in Leiden last September. The workshop brought researchers from three different disciplines (Linguistics, Education, Speech & Language Therapy) together with stakeholders, all together coming from ten different countries. Stakeholders included parents of children with language needs (Deaf children, children with developmental language disorders, children with Down syndrome) as well as professionals who work with them (speech & language therapists, pediatricians, teachers, education consultants), and moreover, professional bodies of speech and language therapists (from the Netherlands, Spain and the UK) and policy advisors. Participants converged on several conclusions: the need to continue raising awareness about language needs of children at home and in school, the need to improve diagnostics for timely identification of these needs and targeted intervention, and the need to tailor diagnostics and intervention to school year ages. There was also consensus about the key role of liaison about children’s needs among parents, school and speech & language therapists, and acknowledgement of the value of input from Linguistics to create finer grained diagnostics and a school curriculum that corresponds with the language levels of children. The participants created a blueprint of a manifesto capturing these consensual views to be used to lobby for change.


Angeliek and Maria will speak on behalf of the entire team working on the ATLAS project at the NIAS: Maria J. Arche (University of Greenwich & NIAS), Karen Bryan (York St John University), Ellen Gerrits (University of Applied Sciences Utrecht), Angeliek van Hout (University of Groningen & NIAS), Alex Perovic (University College London), Josep Quer (ICREA-Pompeu Fabra University), Jeannette Schaeffer (University of Amsterdam), and Petra Schulz (Goethe University Frankfurt).

About the ACLC seminar series

The ACLC seminar series is a two weekly lecture series organized by the ACLC, research school for linguistics of the Faculty of Humanities.