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Jean Wagemans, senior researcher at the ACLC, is the guest speaker at this *online* ACLC seminar. The title of his talk is ‘Linguistic and pragmatic aspects of identifying argument types’.

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Date 29 May 2020
Time 16:15 - 17:30


Linguistic and pragmatic aspects of identifying argument types


What are the characteristics of arguments and how can we identify them in the wild? In this talk, Jean Wagemans explains the Argument Type Identification Procedure (ATIP), a recently developed method for identifying arguments expressed in natural language. The focus of the talk will be on the linguistic and pragmatic insights underlying the various steps of this procedure.

The Argument Type Identification Procedure (ATIP) facilitates the identification and annotation of arguments expressed in natural language in terms of the argument categorization framework of the Periodic Table of Arguments (PTA). Such identification prepares the ground for an assessment of the quality of the argument under scrutiny. The procedure starts with a functional analysis of the elements of the two statements that have been recognized as the ‘conclusion’ and the ‘premise’ of the argument and results in labelling it with a type indicator that systematically summarises its characteristics.

Wagemans first provides a short exposition of the theoretical framework of the Periodic Table of Arguments (PTA), the categorization of arguments on which the procedure is based. Then, he illustrates the various steps of the procedure through an example. The talk is concluded with a discussion of several problematic cases, as well as a short overview of current and further research on the matter.

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