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Dr Jody Polleck, associate professor at Hunter College, CUNY, is the guest speaker at this ACLC seminar. She will give a presentation on 'Utilizing Book Clubs for Social-Emotional and Literacy Development with Linguistically, Culturally, and Neurally Diverse Students'.

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Date 10 May 2019
Time 16:15 - 17:30

Utilizing Book Clubs for Social-Emotional and Literacy Development with Linguistically, Culturally, and Neurally Diverse Students

This research talk will focus on 15 years of data collection on the impact of book clubs with ethnically, linguistically, and neurally diverse adolescents.  Contributing to the field of bibliotherapy and social-emotional and academic development (Elias, 2006; Gil-Olarte, Martin, & Brackett, 2006), Dr. Polleck’s (2010; 2011; 2016) research has investigated how book clubs can be used with diverse youth to enhance not only their literacy skills but also to promote social and emotional development along with a sense of agency.  She collected longitudinal data from 20 students over a five-year period, documenting their lived experiences and the impact the book club had on their successes after secondary school.  Her data analysis demonstrates how book club interventions enhance students’ literacy skills by allowing them to collaboratively develop deeper textual analyses.  Additionally, her research shows how using culturally relevant and sustaining texts are a mediating tool for marginalized youth to discuss critical issues in their own lives.  Her conclusions illustrate how youth participants used characters in the books as catalysts for reflecting on and developing solutions to their own difficulties, from dealing with familial situations (Polleck, 2011) to improving peer relationships (Polleck, 2011).  She will also share research on an intervention that analyzed how young urban adolescents of color utilized the book club to discuss how race, class, and gender impacted their lives and the lives of the characters in the novels (Polleck & Epstein, 2015).  Most recently, Dr. Polleck collaborated with Dr. Jurgen Tijms, using book clubs with adolescents in Amsterdam from urban, low socioeconomic areas in their first year of secondary education (Tijms, Stoop & Polleck, 2018).  Results revealed that the intervention enhanced students’ reading attitudes and comprehension and their social-emotional competencies.  Finally, Dr. Polleck will introduce her current collaborations with Dr. Tijms where they are studying how book clubs can be implemented with adolescents with autism.  The objectives of this most recent research project are to examine the ways the book club interventions impact diverse adolescents with autism, specifically their social and emotional skills and reading dispositions.  

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Location: PCH, room 5.02

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P.C. Hoofthuis

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