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Lecture and Masterclass with Gil Z. Hochberg (Ransford Professor of Hebrew and Comparative Literature, and Middle East Studies at Columbia University and Chair of MESAAS) | 22 and 23 June | Organized by Noa Roei.

Event details of Archives for the Future: on the Politics of Knowledge Production
Start date 22 June 2022
End date 23 June 2022

The word archive comes from the Greek word arkheion, a repository for official documents, and a place where the archons, the rulers, reside. Archives, then, are unequivocally associated with power and authority, at least in their original formation. But who and what is the archive for? What gets left out of the archive? What is the relationship between the archive and the public? What claims of authority and knowledge (scientific, historical, credible, provable) are made in the name of the archive? Gil Z. Hochberg, Ransford Professor of Hebrew and Comparative Literature, and Middle East Studies at Columbia University and Chair of MESAAS, will address these and related issues in the following events:

PUBLIC LECTURE SPUI25, Wednesday 22 JUNE 17:00-18:30

Following her latest book Becoming Palestine: Toward an Archival Imagination of the Future, Hochberg will present her view of the archive as a liberatory site--particularly in Palestinian contexts. In Becoming Palestine: Toward an Archival Imagination of the Future, Prof. Hochberg examines how contemporary Palestinian artists, filmmakers, dancers, and activists use the archive in order to radically imagine Palestine’s future. By urging readers to think about archives as a break from history rather than as history’s repository, Hochberg presents a fundamental reconceptualization of the archive’s liberatory potential. The evening will conclude with a panel debate and public discussion.

MASTERCLASS Thursday 23 JUNE 11:00 – 14:00, location TBA

The seminar will interrogate the notion of the “archive” as a system of documentation, a (often state-national) official site where “research is conducted,” a depositary of affect and sentiments. We will also look at ways in which the archive is appropriated and the “order of things” is challenged. In this respect we will consider both interruptions of dominant archives and the creation of alternative ones. Participants are encouraged to think about the theory and praxis of the archive in relation to their own area of interest and to do so by engaging closely with a specific archive of their choice (it can be an existing one or a created one). 1 ects will be granted to RMA/PhD participants for the combination of attendance, preparation of the readings, and active participation during the masterclass. A second ects is optional and will be granted for the creation of an alternative archive, in continuing dialogue with Prof. Hochberg.

To sign up for the Masterclass please email