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Symposium organised by the Huygens Instituut in collaboration with Antwerp University | 28th of April, 2022 | Trippenhuis, Amsterdam & online.

Event details of Track Changes Symposium
Date 22 April 2022

How do literary writers create their art? And how can we study their writing process when they are writing in a digital environment? These questions form the core of the research project Track Changes. We have brought together international experts from writing process studies as well as from the field of genetic criticism to share their insights and exchange ideas. The conference will take place on-site (Covid permitting) in Amsterdam, but online attendance is also facilitated. If you would like to attend this interdisciplinary day, please register by clicking here. []

Our Programme

Time in writing

  • Elena Pierazzo – “A time for writing, a time for encoding”
  • Christophe Leblay (Online) – “Visualising the time-oriented data: From text genetics to mathematical graph theory”

Track Changes Project

  • Lamyk Bekius – “Nanogenesis: tracing the decision-making process in literary writing processes”
  • Floor Buschenhenke – “From keystroke dynamics to writers’ strategies”

Discovery and revision in writing

  • David Galbraith – “The dual-process model of the development of content during writing”
  • Andrea Révész & Marije Michel – “Cognitive processes of second language writers”

The art of the process: Digital forensics and timelapse

  • Annelyse Gelman on poetry timelapse journal Midst
  • Thorsten Ries (Online) – “The historical dimension of the born-digital dossier génétique”


  • Matthew Kirschenbaum (Online)

The symposium is being organised by the Huygens Instituut with Antwerp University.