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OSL Ravenstein Winter School | Roetereiland Amsterdam | Organizers are all affiliated with ASCA: Maria Boletsi,  Marc Farrant, Divya Nadkarni, Marco de Waard. | Keynote speakers: Sarah de Mul (Open University NL), Rachel Greenwald Smith (Saint Louis University), Pieter Vermeulen (KU Leuven), Johannes Völz (Goethe-University, Frankfurt am Main).

Event details of Literature, (Neo)liberalism, and Public Culture
Start date 19 January 2022
End date 21 January 2022

The National Research School for Literature (OSL), in collaboration with ASCA, is hosting the annual Ravenstein Winter School in January 2022, at the University of Amsterdam, on the topic of ‘Literature, (Neo)liberalism, and Public Culture’. The school will focus on the contested valences of the term ‘liberal’ in contemporary public debates, as well as arenas of cultural production and reception, including the university. More broadly, we will be posing questions about the relation between public and private spheres under conditions of contemporary neoliberalism, and addressing the role of culture in questioning what passes as ‘liberal democracy’ today, across the globe. In tracking and mapping the new forms of literary expression and practices of critique that are emerging in and for (late, neo,- or post-)liberal times, this winter school aims to hold the different meanings of “liberal” – indeed, the full spectrum – in play: from political and economic (neo-)liberalism, on the one hand, to literary or aesthetic liberalism (especially in the context of old and new realisms in the novel) on the other, while also making room for decolonial and critical race approaches.

The school will feature 4 keynote lectures, from international experts, across three days, with workshop seminars each today attached to each lecture. Reading materials will be provided. The school is open to PhDs and Research Masters students, with credits available for active participation.

Event will take place at the UvA Roeterseiland campus. Registration and further details available here: