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The Neo-Televisual-Image. Minoritan Politics of Millennial Television Series. Supervisor: Patricia Pisters | 16 September 13:00 hrs. | Agnietenkapel

Event details of Dissertation Defense: Nur Ozgenalp
Date 16 September 2021
Time 13:00

A new image-type emerged on television screens around the turn of the twenty-first century. Its storytelling practices and politics differ from previous televisual image-types. This new image-type revolutionises televisual storytelling by provocatively subverting classical television aesthetics. Furthermore, it reacts to contemporary global resistance movements, such as the Occupy Wall Street (2011) and Gezi Park Protests (2013), through its fictional storytelling practices. I name this emerging image the neo-televisual-image, being inspired by John Thornton Caldwell’s televisuality, Gilles Deleuze’s movement-image and time-image, and Patricia Pisters’s neuro-image. In my research, in order to comprehend the social and political interactivities between television series and global uprisings, I conduct a cultural analytic study that combines both aesthetics and politics, and while so doing, I explore the storytelling and political potentials of the neo-televisual-image. I argue that, by employing novel storytelling elements, the neo-televisual-image introduces minoritarian politics to viewers while creating a fertile space for political contemplation.