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Dani Evers, ASH PhD candidate, will defend the dissertation entitled 'Halacha in 'the age of authenticity'. Een studie van koelot (verlichtende uitspraken) in de moderne Joods-religieuze rechtspraak' supervised by Prof. Irene Zwiep and co-supervised by Dr Bart Wallet.

Detail Summary
Date 24 February 2021
Time 11:00

Although Jewish law, the Halacha, is very circumspect of change, poskim (halachic decisors) also live in modern society and must relate to it. No matter how slowly and gradually such processes take place, they undeniably lead to changes. In halachic practice, a completely new concept or revolutionary insight will not easily occur, because even modern halacha relies on the same long-standing sources and must, after all, be able to justify itself in relation to the earlier halacha.
Contemporary scholarly literature rightly points out that when answering modern questions, the halacha excels in issuing humrot. As a consequence, current academic literature has paid comparatively little attention to kulot. This research is intended to show that modern kulot are indeed being made in the orthodox psika. My hypothesis is that these lenient halachic statements can be explained against the background of an increased emphasis on the concept of authenticity, which is based on the modern vision of the autonomous self-image of man. The posek includes this in his considerations, even when he is not fully aware of this.

Online defense

This PhD defense will take place online. You can follow the defense live online via this YouTube link. The link will be de-activated afterwards and the livestream will be deleted.