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Having traveled across the globe and through its racial spatio-temporal configurations, we will for the final session focus on that tiny country along the North Sea, where Dutch innocence remains to be paired with what many feel is the annual reenactment of slavery.

Event details of ASCA Critical Race Theory Seminar: Dutch critical race theory & practice
Date 15 December 2020
Time 14:00 -17:00

Much, however, has changed since Philomena Essed published her groundbreaking book on everyday racism in the Netherlands, three decades ago. A new generation of woke and outspoken people of colour and white people have begun to raise their voices and demand changes to what is seen as enduring structural racism. During this session we will discuss how race and racism functions in our lives as we lead them here, at this university, in this city, and in this particular country. The host would finally like to remind all participants that this series was merely an attempt to continually reassess our own criticality towards ourselves and among others. Critical race theory, in other words, is not merely a discipline, but a life-long practice of transformative change.

Materiality :
Gloria Wekker. White Innocence: Paradoxes on Colonialism and Race. Duke University Press (2016) > Pages 1-80.
Audiovisuality :

Aamer Rahman (Fear of a Brown Planet) - Reverse Racism
Further reading:
Isabel Hoving & Philomena Essed (Editors). Dutch Racism. Editions Rodopi B.V. (2014 )