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A Networked Data Sprint, 17-21 August 2020. Organized by Daniel de Zeeuw.

Detail Summary
Start date 17 August 2020
End date 21 August 2020

OILab ( organizes an online data sprint and we’re inviting everyone who is interested to join us. Working together with experts from Media Studies (UvA) and the Density Design lab from Milan, the main purpose of the sprint is to compile and publish a critical glossary of reactionary visual subcultures associated with 4chan and the Alt-right, combining digital methods and tools (4CAT) with qualitative cultural and visual analysis. For this, we will look at the Encyclopedia Dramatica wiki as a gateway into the cultural politics and history of North-American chan culture.

If you’re interested to participate in the sprint, please send us a short statement of interest or contact us for more information (Daniel de Zeeuw,
This event is sponsored by the Global Digital Cultures (GDC) research priority area (UvA).