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Over the past decade, a material turn has been revolutionizing the Humanities and Social Sciences. Following a period of empirical oblivion, the idea that 'stuff matters', as the anthropologist Daniel Miller puts it, has taken hold across an increasing number of disciplines, fuelling new inquiries into novel and established fields alike.

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Start date 23 January 2019
End date 25 January 2019
Time 00:00
R. van der Laarse
Prof. Rob van der Laarse

The material turn is a trend with multiple sources and faces that finds an echo in the growing public interest, in part because of climate change, in how the natural world is entangled with social practices. This Ravenstein Seminar, organized by the Research School Literary Studies (OSL), will inquire into the implications of the so-called material turn for memory studies including the new challenge to engage in new ways with work in the field of critical heritage studies.

Professor Tim Ingold (University of Aberdeen) will present the keynote lecture, 'Surface Memories: Inscription and Erasure', on 24 January.

Among the speakers at the Ravenstein Seminar are AHM academic staff members Prof. Rob van der Laarse and Dr Chiara De Cesari.

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