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Rat und Form. Über Klugheit (Form and Advice. About Prudence). Supervisor: Josef Fruchtl

Detail Summary
Date 20 December 2018
Time 14:00

'Rat und Form. Über Klugheit' (Form and Advice. About Prudence) examines the question: What is prudence? It determines prudence as the intelligence that is caring about the easiest way of being in best form. The most important means to perfectivize oneselve are continuous practice (a tendency to perfection) and the employment of cunning modes of action (perfection in latency). Both together may result in perfection with ease, which is the prudent way of life. This ethical theorem is also valid for politics and cares about the easiest way of a vertically challenged life for all. These prudent modes thought allow to identify several models of human action theory as imprudent, like the mechanistic or organistic models or the model of the systems theory.


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