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You are warmly invited to an evening showcasing four new books published by our colleagues of the Theatre Department.The evening consists of brief presentations by the authors and editors, followed by responses and Q&A by students of the Theatre Studies Department and is moderated by Ricarda Franzen.

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Date 14 November 2018
Time 17:00 - 18:30
Location University Theatre
Room University Theatre, Nieuwe Doelenstraat 16, 1012 CP Amsterdam

Sruti Bala (2018). The Gestures of Participatory Art (Manchester: Manchester University Press).

How do people participate in art beyond the roles and options offered to them? The monograph investigates debates on participatory art across the spheres of community and applied art, immersive performance and performance art, proposing the concept of the gesture as a means of reclaiming participation.

Respondent: Arthur Kneepkens

Cock Dieleman and Peter Eversmann, eds. (2018). Podiumkunsten in de cultureel-maatschappelijke infrastructuur (Utrecht: LKCA).

How is theatre embedded in the social-cultural infrastructure of Dutch society? This collaborative publication results from a co-taught module with MA students on researching audiences in theatre and education.

Respondents:  Femke Hagemeijer and Joy Jeunink

Liesbeth Kruyt, Kati Röttger et al., eds. (2018). (How) Opera Works, (Hoe) opera werkt. Pierre Audi Lectures, Pierre Audi lezingen (Amsterdam: Amsterdam University Press).

Pierre Audi was Artistic Director of the National Opera for three decades. This publication brings together the lectures he delivered as Honorary Fellow at the University of Amsterdam, showcasing his core ideas about music theatre, opera and the development of his artistic vision over the years. 

Respondents: Jingyun Li and James Whiting

Suze van der Poll  and Rob van der Zalm, eds. (2018). Reconsidering National Plays in Europe. (Cham: Palgrave Macmillan).

How does a play become a national play? The anthology examines national plays in eight European contexts, at a time when national identity and the future of the nation state is being reconsidered.

Respondents: to be confirmed

Veronika Zangl and Brigitte Dalinger, eds. (2018). Theater unter NS-Herrschaft / Theatre under Pressure (Vienna: V&R/ Vienna University Press).

How might the National Socialist theatre of representation be critically juxtaposed with the theatre of the Cultural Association of German Jews and the theatrical activities in ghettos and concentration camps? The volume presents new research integrating historiographical, dramaturgical and theoretical perspectives in theatre and memory studies.

Respondents: Thore Walch

Followed by drinks

University Theatre

Room University Theatre, Nieuwe Doelenstraat 16, 1012 CP Amsterdam

Nieuwe Doelenstraat 16-18
1012 CP Amsterdam