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Workshop by Marie Beauchamps | Time to find joy in your writing practice! Come and experience the power of creative writing as a tool in academic writing, explore new possibilities, and join the conversation. | 29 September and 6 October 10:00 - 13:45 hrs. 2022.

Event details of Creative Writing for Academics
Start date 29 September 2022
End date 6 October 2022

The choices we make when we write have profound effects on the reality that we observe. Giving an account of our observations requires a multitude of styles of writing for achieving the greatest accuracy. Finding the most accurate style of writing for a particular purpose sometimes implies letting go of a seemingly neutral style of writing, instead embracing a plurality of voices, such as staging a dialogue or exploring a more poetic style.

In this two-sessions interactive workshop Creative Writing for Academics, Marie Beauchamps will lead you through a series of hands-on exercises to make you experience creative writing within your academic practice. The aim is to explore what happens when we loosen up the frame of our habitual academic writing practice, inviting multi-layered stories to bubble up and become part of the conversation unfolding on the page.