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Jacqueline Borsje (ASH), Martijn Icks (ASH) and Boris Noordenbos (ASCA) have been awarded a RIS fellowship by the AIHR to enable them to prepare applications for senior personal grants and/or strengthen their CV.

The Research Innovation and Sustainability (RIS) Fund enables employees to apply for temporary teaching release in order to have more time to write grant applications, or to finish one or more (substantial, strategic) publications so as to strengthen the track record significantly and qualify for a successful grant application in the near future.

dr. H.J. (Jacqueline) Borsje

Faculty of Humanities

Capaciteitsgroep Religiestudies

dr. M. (Martijn) Icks

Faculty of Humanities

Capaciteitsgroep Geschiedenis

dr. B. (Boris) Noordenbos

Faculty of Humanities