Sound in Action #2: Narratives of Displacement

07Feb2019 19:00


Discussion and performance evening, drinks with Suzy Asa, Godfrey Lado, and Betül Ellialtioglu on 7 February, 19:00 - 23:00, Studio Yalla, Derde Kostverlorenkade 35-D, 1054 TS Amsterdam.

The second event in our series, Narratives of Displacement, explore the relationship between sonic space and migration. What constitutes a displacement, and how does one situate themselves in its narrative, often superimposed or assumed? Can music provide not only a voice, but also a sort of residency? How can we share a musical “home”, instead of “owning” space? These and other questions will be a part of the intimate evening of storytelling, film screening, music and conversations.


  • Suzy Asa – Cultural Analysis MA student at UvA, radio host, multimedia artist.
  • Godfrey Lado – musician, poet, cultural entrepreneur
  • Betül Ellialtioglu – photographer, architect, graphic desiner, communications specialist at Salwa Foundation.

More TBA.

Moderation by Ieva Gudaitytė, one of the Sound in Action members.

Published by  ASCA