Valedictory lecture of Michiel Baud

23Nov2018 16:00


CEDLA and the Faculty of Humanities of the University of Amsterdam have the pleasure of inviting you to the valedictory lecture of Michiel Baud, former director of CEDLA: 'Confianza: Governance and trust in Latin America and the Netherlands'

This lecture will argue that confianza, as a concept that refers to trust relations in Latin America, is vital to understand the dynamics of social change in the region. It allows us to look at day to day resilience among Latin American populations and the ways they build their lives, find alternatives and construct alternative processes of development. In this presentation I will discuss the elements of Latin American confianza and its importance for societal development using some concrete examples from different Latin American countries. To conclude I will make some observations about how in the Netherlands we could borrow some of the insights the concept of confianza has given us.

Venue: UvA Aula (Singel 411)

Published by  Amsterdam School for Regional, Transnational and European Studies