Dissertation Defense: Ilse van Rijn, The Artists’ Text as Work of Art.

29June2017 12:00


Supervisors: Thomas Vaessens and Jeroen Boomgaard

The Artists’ Text as Work of Art pivots around texts written and produced by visual artists. Their increased amount (since the 2000s, that is) and their obscure relationship to art institutions trouble the question as to how such writing can be approached. In my research, I isolate four texts by artists, studying their textual singularities, while seeking entrance to each. Separating them from their wider visual context, I formulate an alternative to the text-image dichotomy that still dominates approaches to such work. Empirical research is thereby combined with a theoretical orchestration, enabling examination of textual strategies. Focusing on text-inherent propositions, I analyse and compare artists’ writing in terms of narrative development, textual form, the role of the author, and poetical experiments. The productive force of artists’ texts is researched, suggesting that they be grasped in a transversal manner, due to their making of liaisons among multiple domains.


  • Agnietenkapel

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Published by  ASCA