Experiences in the Conservation of Modern Materials

Future Talks 017

11Oct2017 13Oct2017


Future Talks 017 is an extensive three day congress on international research projects and case studies both on active conservation treatments of modern materials in design and modern art and on related material and technology science.

Future Talks is a biannual platform to discuss and exchange experiences in the conservation of modern materials. Recent advancement in this field regarding technology, design and production processes of modern materials, new and innovative treatment methods for degrading plastics as well as current research and ongoing projects will be presented. During the three day conference experts from all over the world will share their experiences and knowledge in this field.

Staff and students of the Contemporary Art section of the Conservation & Restoration department of the Faculty of Humanities will attend the confrence. AHM academic staff member Sanneke Stigter will, togehter with Tirza Mol of the University of Antwerp, present the lecture 'Investigating the colourful world of Alessandro Mendini: Conserving Nigritella Nigra, a unique chest of drawers'.

Future Talks

Published by  Amsterdam School for Heritage, Memory and Material Culture